The Links

Designing A Relationship


Yasuko Russo’s new collection, The Links, is a new line designed to showcase her belief in unity, love, and acceptance. Upon hearing supermodel Emily Ratajkowski was proposed to with a paperclip, Yasuko’s imagination was ignited. The paperclip, an often looked over object represented more than just holding items together—it symbolized unity, acceptance, and love. These are the things that we seemed to have forgotten about, moreover they are the things that people seek out. The motif of the paperclips throughout her line showcase Yasuko’s desire to give life, depth, and meaning to the simpler things. She is constantly revising and creating to ensure that her works are the best out on the market, and are the ones that people look out for. Now is the time to come together, to unify, and to show the strength in love.

Welcome to The Links Collection.