Creative jewelry designer and founder of the custom design firm Ellie-USA, Yasuko is proud to announce the launch of her newest creation: The Links-Designing a relationship — a jewelry line that uses the paperclip as a motif for necklaces, bracelets, pendants, cuff links and various other forms of fine jewelry as part of the first Links collection.

A tribute to simplicity, utility and creativity, the paperclip is efficient yet elegant...a style that stands out without trying. It is an icon of style as a reminder of Yasuko’s basic philosophy: Simplicity is Beautiful.

Visually striking yet familiar, the paperclip design is a symbol of togetherness. It is wearable, fashionable,  functional and above all noticeable. It’s the kind of jewelry that makes a statement. As an object recognized worldwide, the paperclip is a form that evokes a positive reaction, a sensation of warmth and acceptance.

The basic function of the paperclip is to hold things together. It’s a subconscious reminder of sharing with someone...a closeness...a coming together that we are connected. It triggers a reaction of wanting to be next to someone, touching and intimate.

Yasuko has created unique work for Lauren Ralph Lauren, MIMI SO, and Stephan Dweck and others. She makes the jewelry come to life with beauty and sophistication. Her creations are as timeless as they are modern.

Yasuko hopes this collection will remind and inspire to be strong, to unify and elicit positive reaction that makes difference in the lives of those around them.

We have found the missing Link.

Wear it and share it.

Create the connection.

The Links--Designing a relationship.